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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-01-22 14:34:56

Silky Rescue

We just got back on the road and were heading for home when we received a call from the SSPCA to ask if we could stop in by the Scotstown beach to aid with a seal pup uplift. The call was received at 1620.

We were in the area as it is on the way back to Peterhead so we diverted.

On route we contacted Elaine to ask if she could possibly arrange a relay in case it had to go to Middlebank.

When we arrived on scene the SSPCA officer was already in attendance and we gathered together the grab bag and kennel and headed off down the beach to meet up with John (SSPCA).

John gave us a quick run down of the situation and it was without a doubt an uplift. The very young grey seal pup was quite badly cut up with sores under the fore flipper and on the back which were deep and in need of medical attention, possibly antibiotics. The pup had a full silky black beautiful coat and it was by far one of the most fluffiest seals I have seen to date, hence its name.

John and Andy lifted the seal in to a kennel and took it back to the SSPCA van for transport to Lawrence's where a pen was pre-booked.

Elaine's team were advised to stand down - Sorry Elaine, you missed an absolutely gorgeous pup!

For both rescues I would like to thank the vigilant members of the local public, Kenneth Mclennan and Andy Ireland (Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator and Assistant Co-ordinator), Medics Linda Robertson, Natalie Simmons, Jenny Davies, Tracey Wylie, Michael Watt, and Volunteers Craig Hooper and Kelsey Callaghan, the SSPCA and Lawrence for the pen and ongoing rehab work on our seals.

P.S. Even the people on the beaches up here in this cold North East corner of Scotland are asking about BDMLR and the whale, you have made such an impact - Well Done!

Andy Ireland
Marine Mammal Medic
Aberdeenshire Assistant Co-ordinator