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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-01-22 14:36:38

Seal Pup Rescues Aberdeenshire

At 1330 Kenneth McLennan (Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator) contacted Andy Ireland (Aberdeenshire Assistant Co-ordinator) to advise that there had been a phone call from the a member of the public that had come in via the Lawrence’s surgery. The report was of a young stranded pup on the Fraserburgh beach, no mother in the vicinity.

Andy sent a text message to the rest of the group to find out who was available whilst Kenneth headed down to the beach to advise what action may be required. Due to the distance from the car park to the seal we required just that little bit more man/woman power should uplift be necessary.

The team consisting of Medics Andy Ireland, Linda Robertson and Natalie Simmons and Volunteers Craig Hooper and Kelsey Callaghan met at the car park at 1415 then headed over the beach to meet up with Kenneth.

On arrival a full assessment was made and the pup was found to be a health grey seal with absolutely no cause for concern. Observations were made for 30 minutes then the pup named spotty took to the surf and swam off in to the waves.

Every so often she turned to say either "hey I bet you can't catch me now" or "hey folks thanks for coming to check on me" (not that I'm proficient I seal language).

Medics Michael Watt and Tracey Wylie and Jenny Davies were on standby to relieve medics on scene should all day observations have been necessary.

Andy Ireland
Marine Mammal Medic
Aberdeenshire Assistant Co-ordinator