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2006-01-22 14:38:11

Seal pup rescue - Lower Halling, Kent

Seal pup high up on the riverside at Lower Halling in Kent reported to me at approx 10am by MMM John Ward. I was just awake from the whale events from london. Seal spotted by a neighbour of a medic John Ward and he called me after the neighbour said they had contacted the RSPCA and they had told them to leave it 24hr. Got on site at 10.15 and observed for a few mins for mother while talking to Brett Lewis (also on way to site contacted Neil and Sarah Horlock and Geoff Graham. All said they will attend and on way. Spoke to Brett for advice (excellent) and decided to rescue and take to Mallydams RSPCA in Fairlight, East Sussex. (more miles on car - only clocked up 650 miles since Friday evening). Caught the pup and transfered into a carry container, loaded into my car and driven Fairlight, with Neil and Sarah, and John with his wife following in seperate cars.

The seal was very underweight and motherless, weighed in at just over the 10kg mark. Grey female seal pup, very low temperature and at Mallydams we tube fed and left in cubicle with a heater lamp to warm it up.

Medics on scene: John Ward, Jason Carter, Geoff Graham, Neil and Sarah Horlock (and kids)

Thanks to all envolved, well done.

Jason Carter
Area Coordinator

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