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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-01-22 14:39:57

Seal pup rescue - Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

Called out by Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (coastal SAR team of which I am a member) who had been sent by Humber Coastguard to a reported seal pup. On arrival they called and asked if I would be happy to drag myself away from housework on my day off to assess it. I was more than happy (wife thought otherwise).

The pup was a young grey, about 80cm in length and was noticably lethargic. It was also looking dehydrated and underweight, so I made the decision to do a more thorough check. I had called Jill McCormick and (new to me medic) Katharin Hart, but as I had 4 members of the TVLB there, thought I might as well get it done so I could sort out a place for it to stay.

It was incredibly easy to catch the seal, a bad sign straight away, but other than weight, hydration and temp, she seemed physically sound. Local wildlife rescuer agreed to come out to collect the pup, and with the help of Jill, we got her (the seal) off the beach and into care. (pictures attached, including the TVLB's Kirsty assisting while I checked 'Sally' - named by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle)

Later in the afternoon called to the same beach for a differet pup. This one, although the same length, was a much better weight, and a lot more aggressive. On assessment, this one was marked by RSPCA and left on scene.

Richard Ilderton
Amble/Tynemouth Coordinator