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2006-01-29 14:42:05

Seal Pup Monitoring/Assessments Aberdeenshire

28th January


Whilst Medic Andrew Cordiner was on his usual patrol, just before lunchtime he came across a Grey Seal Pup on the North side of the Boddam lighthouse rocks.

The location of the pup was very unusual as they are never normally situated on the northern side of the lighthouse. Andrew ventured down the long winding path to carry out observations on the pup. He was a partially weaned pup, with no signs of trauma, reasonably responsive but in a rather awkward position.

Andrew called Assistant Co-ordinator Andy Ireland for advice. Andrew and Andy met just before dark fell to make a further assessment of the pup and the decision to leave the pup as is due to the only concerning factor being his location.

Andrew Cordiner returned at high water on Sunday morning to find our pup lying in the water where he was perched the day before. All he could think was "what have we done, how could we let the poor thing down". He headed off down the path and on to the rocks, as he was about to pull what he thought was a carcase from the water when the pup turned, bared his teeth and swam off!

What more of a better ending could we have asked for than a healthy, happy pup managing to sustain itself in the environment that it belongs.

We will continue to monitor this pup and updates posted if any available.

Thanks to all concerned (Medic Andrew, Andy and public) and I bet Lawrence is happy that he never had to take another lodger in...

29th January

On Sunday morning Medic Linda Robertson was doing her usual patrol area (along the foreshore of Fraserburgh) when she came across a grey seal pup.

She carried out a full observation and assessment and came to the conclusion that the little pup was only hauled out for a rest.

She returned later that day with some younger seal enthusiasts. They checked the pup over and again no problems. A few pictures were taken, thanks to her young helpers for the picture and for naming our pup 'Hotdog'!

Linda will return on Monday morning before work to ensure that our pup has moved on and is still doing well. Any further updates will be posted.

Thanks to Linda and family for attending to this one!

Andrew Ireland
Marine Mammal Medic
Aberdeenshire Assistant Co-ordinator