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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-02-01 14:50:20

Seal Rescue Spurn point, Yorkshire

We received a call from Sue at tea-time 1st Feb informing us of an injured seal at the spurn point nature reserve. The call originated from the reserve warden Andrew Gibson and, as he is an avid seal watcher we knew it to be serious and not a resting seal. After a few phone calls to local medics, we arranged for Katherine, a Hull medic, to go and have a look for us whilst we got our gear together and set off from Scarborough some 2.5hrs away. We also managed to contact Sue Davis also from Hull, who also set off to assist Katherine should she need it.

Katherine managed to locate Andrew with the seal (no mean feat in the dark!). Katherine told us it was a Common Seal, it was very lethargic and had small wounds on its body that were bleeding.Two particular nasty wounds under his front flippers at the point where they meet his body, were of concern. As we were still en route, we decided it would be better for the seal to be looked at by a vet and arranged to meet them there.

On reaching the vets I realized the wounds looked to be infected and as the seal was very 'flat', we took him into the vets where he was treated. Under advice from our vet, arranged to transfer the seal ( a male, 'Boris' ) to East Winch RSPCA Seal hospital. Simon and I transported 'Boris' to a rendezvous point at Caenby Corner, where we met Becky an RSPCA ACO, and handed over. Becky then took Boris on to East Winch where the vet advised her we were correct to bring him in.

On phoning this morning, I was told 'Boris' was very poorly and on a drip.

I would like to add that as 'Boris' was a healthy weight 20kilos, and although infected, his wounds looked to be superficial. It would have been very easy to assume that we would have been better to leave him be. Had this seal not got the treatment he needed, there is no doubt he would have suffered unnecessarily.

My sincere thanks go to both Katherine and Sue (and their mums who accompanied them), the hull vet, and Becky RSPCA Aco for another successful rescue.

Beverley Drayton