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2006-02-06 14:53:24

Seal pup rescue Scotland

Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft received a call at 17.00hrs from Shirley Ross of Montrose police station saying that a member of the public Jane Candy was on the beach at *********** with a seal pup that was apparently in distress. Elaine along with fellow Medics Andy Dulley, Paul Horne and Sue Horne arrived on scene at 17.20hrs. The fully weaned grey seal Pup named "Buddie" was of good body condition but had an exceedingly high respiration of 37bpm. The mucous membranes were a palish grey in colour and the pup was shivering. With an incoming tide only inches away from us and fading light to deal with, the pup was herded into the transportation tank and taken to a quieter location. Respiration dropped down to 25bpm with the pup becoming more relaxed. During this time Fraserburgh Medic Andy Ireland was placed on standby and asked if a seal pen could be provisionally booked with Laurence Brain at The Grampian Wildlife Trust. At 18.00hrs "Buddies" respiration dropped down to 17bpm with the breathing noticeably rucky. At this stage Elaine called BDMLR vet James Barnett who agreed that rehabilitation was required and that the pup was possibly suffering from pneumonia. Medics Paul Horne and Andy Dulley immediately started a relay to Stonehaven where Fraserburgh Medic Andy Ireland was waiting to continue with the second leg of the relay at 19.30hrs.. The pup was not tubed incase there was the possibility of a foreign body in the airways as the pup was making ver bad strangulating raspy noises. Once at The Grampian Wildlife Trust "Buddie" was checked over by vet Laurence Brain who like James Barnett thought it was suffering from pneumonia. By this time the breathing was very erratic and we were advised that tubing would have caused more distress. A course of antibiotics was administered upon its arrival . Elaine will call Laurence on Thursday for an update on the pups condition although it is hoped that a course of antibiotics will help the pup to make a recovery.

Many thanks to Shirley Ross (Montrose Police Station), Jane Candy (member of the public) Medics Elaine Roft, Paul Horne, Sue Horne, Andy Dulley (BDMLR Montrose), Andy Ireland (BDMLR Fraserburgh Medic & Assistant Co-ordinator), James Barnett (BDMLR vet), Laurence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust)

The location of the pup has not been disclosed for various reasons.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)