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2006-02-12 14:54:55

Mote Marine Laboratory - Florida, Release 'Clyde' a Rissos dolphin

Mote Marine aquarium has released Clyde, the Rissos dolphin that was part of a mass stranding last July. Sadly his mate Bonnie died last week, she was pregnant with his calf. She died of a pulmonary embolism and some abnormal blood clotting. It is possibly pregnancy related. They have sent a lot of samples out for histology and are awaiting results. James Barnett (BDMLR Director & Vet) and I worked with these two animals over the summer and although we’re both upset by the death of Bonnie it is fantastic to see Clyde being released fit and healthy. They don't normally live in male female pairs in the wild so he should cope very well by himself.

See for more information on Clyde's progress after release.

11th Feb: Dolphin was released at 2:28 pm yesterday about 115 miles west of Sarasota. He is being tracked via satellite and by this morning was WSW of Sanibel Island.

12th Feb: In the last 24 hours the dolphin has turned to the SW into much deeper water.

Faye Archell
Essex BDMLR Coordinator

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