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2006-02-20 15:00:57

Grey Seal pup rescue - Montrose, Scotland

Whilst out on a routine patrol today, Medics Elaine Roft and Andy Dulley came across a fully weaned Grey Seal Pup at 12.00hrs which was hauled out on a rocky foreshore in a small coved area and clearly in distress. The pup had severe congestion with discharges coming from the nose and eyes. The perineum and rear flippers were also stained with diarrhoea. Respiration was monitored and this fluctuated between 9 - 13bpm. Being in such an isolated location, miles from the nearest town, Elaine called Medic Paul Horne who agreed to uplift the transportation tank and meet us on scene. It is probable that the pup had been in this location for 1-2 days and would have found it difficult to return to the sea even if it had been found in a healthy state.

At 13.00hrs with our pup now in the transportation tank, we trekked our way back to the car with the additional help of Junior team helper Ryan Horne. Elaine had called SSPCA Middlebank to notify them that it was easier to uplift the pup and get it on its journey to rehab immediately thus preventing further stress given the isolated location that we were in. Sandra Bonar SSPCA Manageress agreed with this entirely.

On arrival at Middlebank at 16.07hrs the pup which we had already named was given reference number 96 and renamed "Rembrandt" (current themed names for the seal pups) by the staff. "Rembrandt" weighed in at 18.8kg and was placed in a dry holding pen for further assessment by the SSPCA staff.

We have refrained from mentioning our pups original name and the location found for various reasons.

Thanks to Medics Elaine Roft, Andy Dulley, Paul Horne, and Junior Team helper Ryan Horne, SSPCA Middlebank.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)