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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-02-20 15:02:28

Seal rescue at Reighton Gap, near Scarborough

At Approximately 12:00pm on Monday 20th February, Simon received a phone call from the local police. They informed Simon that a member of the public had phoned in to report an injured seal half way between Hunmanby gap and Reighton gap, near Scarborough. Simon informed Beverly who then rang a local medic to meet us on scene for assistance.

Arriving on Scene and meeting up with local medic Karen Cranston we began the task of looking for the injured grey having been given an area of beach at least half a mile long to search. After walking approximately 300 yards we found the seal lying on a patch of boulder clay about 500 yards away from the water.

The injury on the seal was extremely obvious even at first glance. It had a cut down its left hand approximately 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. We carried out the initial visual checks and then we took the decision to jump it for closer observation and to clean up its cut.

I then secured the seal for Beverly to observe the wound closer and to check for any other signs for distress. The seal was an 8 week old grey seal that was slightly underweight and slightly dehydrated but other than that in good condition.

Karen and I then carried the seal down onto the softer sand so that Beverley could clean the wound thoroughly. When doing this she noticed that the cut had already began to granulate so the decision was taken to re-release it. The seal made a slow but meaningful journey back to the sea.

We they waited and observed the shoreline for 20 minutes in case the seal had come back in. Having not done so we then stood down at approximately 2:30pm. My thanks to Beverley and Simon Drayton, and Karen Cranston for a brilliant job well done!!

Ryan Walker
Medic North Eastern Region