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2006-03-07 11:02:42

Grey Pup Rescue for Montrose Team, Scotland

Grey Seal Pup found in a location near Montrose at 11.54hrs reported to Co-ordinator Elaine Roft by local dog walker Jill Bridges who is a team observer. Medics Jacque Watt and Willie Taylor are responding to the call.

11.58hrs: Confirmation to Elaine from Jacque that its a fully weaned grey seal pup named "Blue", reasonable body condition, creamy discharge from the nostrils, eyes tightly closed, hump backed appearance and difficulty in moving.

12.27hrs: Monitoring of pup finds it with a Respiration of 15bpm and there is now slight haemorrhaging from the nose. This may be due to possible lungworm or nasal mites.

13.18hrs: The seal has been gently herded up the beach away from the water which has a very fast undercurrent, thus allowing Medics more room to work with the seal without putting themselves at risk.

13.25hrs: The pup has now been stretchered in a soft blanket on to the high tide line, respiration is erratic at 29bpm and increasing. Pup is unfit to travel so Elaine has requested vet assistance on scene. Elaine spoke with Gemma (vet receptionist) advising that euthanasia may be required on scene or intravenous drip - would she ensure that the vet is informed. Estimated time of arrival for local vet (Robson & Partners) is given as 15.00hrs. BDMLR Consulting vet Cameron McPherson was unable to assist as he was engaged in seal business at Thurso. Meantime the pup is left to rest on its blanket stretcher away from public and canine disturbance in a bid to reduce the respiration which has now hit 29bpm and increasing. Monitoring will continue by the team working in shifts until the vet arrives on scene.

14.00hrs - 15.00hrs: Respiration has been taken at half hour intervals and has remained at 29bpm. A seal pen has been provisionally booked at SSPCA Middlebank in Inverkeithing.

15.30hrs: Mike Robson vet has examined the pup and confirmed suspected lungworm and pneumonia (severe). Respiration has shot up to 30bpm and the pups chances are very remote. No internal damage so the go ahead was given to try and get it into rehab. Respiration has risen to 37bpm. Rimadyl anti- inflammatories and draxxin antibiotics have been administered on scene.Medic Paul Horne is commencing the first leg of the relay from Montrose to Arbroath with the final stage of transportation being carried out - Arbroath to Inverkeithing by Medics Bob Pert and Allan Muir.

19.00hrs: The pup arrived at Middlebank but as it was being taken out of the car it sadly passed away. It returned back to Montrose at 21.00hrs and will be taken to the Robson Veterinary Hospital at Laurencekirk tomorrow by Elaine and Jacque for post mortem by Mike Robson.

Thanks to Jill Bridges for reporting the pup to us. BDMLR Medics and Co-ordinators Elaine Roft & Bob Pert. Medics Jacque Watt, Willie Taylor, Andy Dulley, Paul Horne, Peter Taylor, Allan Muir and Volunteer Iain Walker. BDMLR Vets Cameron McPherson & James Barnett. Mike Robson of Robson & Partners (local Vet), Sandra Bonar & staff at SSPCA Middlebank,Wilco cabs (Montrose) for transporting our tank to us as we were without drivers earlier in the day.

Well done to Willie, Andy and Jacque on your first rescue and uplift supervised only via telephone communications with Elaine - you did a great job and put your nervousness behind you. I'm sorry it was a sad ending for you all but be proud with your efforts and determination in helping "Blue". 204 miles round trip clocked by the relay drivers Paul, Allan and Bob...sincere thanks to all of you.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)