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2006-03-15 11:08:50

Montrose medics rescue seal pup with alopecia

12.00hrs: Dog walker observer for the group Jill Bridges called Elaines mobile (which was being covered by Medic Andy Dulley) to say that there was a pup on the beach near Montrose that was looking poorly.

13.00hrs: Medics Andy Dulley, Paul Horne and Jacque Watt arrived on scene where they found a fully weaned Grey seal pup, excellent body condition, respiration monitored at 9bpm. The new medics were thrown by what appeared to be a "moulting" process and therefore called Elaine who was unavailable for the day (but was rushed to the scene) to give her opinion. With Paul straddled the pup Elaine recorded the temperature wich was 39.2 degrees, the pup was determined as being a male fully weaned grey and was showing signs of alopecia to the head and neck with a few open abrasions to the upper head and front flippers.. Middlebank were called and a seal pen booked and Medic (also Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trustee) Gareth Norman placed on standby to assist the new medics with tubing due to Elaines unavailability.

14.30: "Arnie" as the pup was named, arrived at Broughty Ferry where it was weighed in at 24kg. The eyes were bathed with saline solution and 240mls of lectade plus was administered and a faecal sample containing worms collected for passing on to Middlebank.

15.30: Montrose Medics Paul Horne and Peter Taylor left Broughty Ferry on their way to SSPCA Middlebank at Inverkeithing with an E.T.A. being 16.30hrs.

16.45: The pup arrived at Middlebank and was given reference number 136.

Thanks to Jill Bridges for reporting the pup to us, Montrose Medics Andy Dulley, Paul Horne and Jacque Watt. Montrose Co-ordinator Elaine Roft. Dundee Medic also Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trustee Gareth Norman for assisting the new Montrose Medics, SSPCA Middlebank. Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Nick Duthie for offering his services of help.

Particular thanks to Pete and his dog who initially reported the pup in the morning to the coastguards. It was whilst Medic Andy Dulley was looking for the pup that a coastguard member pointed him in the right direction - Thanks to this particular coastguard member for doing this.

Pete - If you read this on the BDMLR Forum, apologies for my not getting back to you - the number you gave me is incomplete. I tried calling you at 22.30hrs.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)