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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-03-21 11:13:20

Seal rescue at Hornsea, East Yorkshire

I received a call from Sue White from head office at approximately 11.30hrs. She told me of a seal pup that was on the beach at Hornsea. It had apparently been there 3 days but the caller had only just been informed herself today. I took the callers details and phoned her to get more information.

The caller was a dental nurse named 'Beth'. She told me she had been along to have a look at the seal, and said it was very lifeless but she hadn't gone too near it. Beth said there were a lot of dog walkers nearby and was concerned that the pup may be harassed by the dogs. She agreed to keep an eye on it and phoned a 'friend' [no pun intended] to help out as she was by then at work. She also agreed to keep me updated about the seal. I phoned Sue who started a ring around whilst I made my way back home to the computer! I phoned Sue on my return home but she had not managed to reach any available medics, so began a ring around. Eventually I phoned Sue for more help as I had no luck finding anyone free. Sue and Trevor continued to try while I phoned the RSPCA tasking officer to find out whether they had received any calls about the seal at Hornsea. She told me they had tasked Keira to the seal call so I phoned her. [It gets better wait for it!] Keira told me she had passed the call to Alan Farr as he had more hours available for if it needed relaying to East Winch. I called Alan to be told he was in Harrogate at that time and wouldn't be able to go till later.Aaaaarghhh!

I advised Alan that we were trying to find a medic free to attend and I would give him a 'sit rep' later on. Mean while back in the office, Sue had managed to contact Alan Stewart our Green medic from the last Hornsea seal. He agreed to go take a look but had nothing to transport in if the seal needed 'lifting'. I called Beth back to see how our seal was faring. She told me there were reports of a small wound to a flipper that was bleeding. I advised her Alan was now on his way and would be with her about 14.oohrs. I then called Alan Farr RSPCA ACO with a sit rep. Just as I was starting to breathe a sigh of relief the phone rang! It was 'Beth' to tell me that the seal had returned to the sea! I stood both Alan's down, called Sue then took 2 headache tablets! Another day another seal.

Thanks to all concerned.

Simon & Beverley Drayton
Area Coordinators, Humberside & North Yorkshire