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2006-03-27 11:14:58

Another Grey Seal Pup for Montrose Team

09.00hrs Environmental Health Arbroath (Bruce Smith) called BDMLR Montrose number (24hr coverage on Elaine's mobile which was being manned by new Medic Willie Taylor) alerting us of a seal pup that had been in the same location (Near Arbroath) for 3 days and which was now attracting curious members of the public and children.

09.30hrs Willie sent out messages within the Montrose Group for team response - Medics Peter Taylor, Jacque Watt and Andy Dulley were all available as was Allan Muir for possible relay. They immediatley set off for the locus as the tide was coming in fast - meantime Willie booked a seal pen at SSPCA Middlebank, Inverkeithing and arranged the uplift of the transportation tank from the new premises in Montrose aided by one of our stand in drivers John Stewart.

10.00hrs As Elaine was unavailable today, Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert was called and confirmation given to Willie to proceed with an uplift for rehab.

10.30hrs With Bob and Elaine both unavailable, "tubing" the pup posed a bit of a problem, however, Middlebank were satisfied that an immediate relay had the pups best interests at heart.

10.00hrs - 11.00hrs The Pup now named "Bellagossie"had been assessed by Medic Jacque watt who confirmed the following to Elaine. It was a fully weaned Grey Seal Pup, which was bright, active, alert and feisty. There were no signs of trauma or injury and no discharges present from the eyes, ears mouth or nose. The eyes were open, rounded and clear. The pup did however have a cough and some congestion and appeared in need of treatment for this. Respiration was monitored at 15 minute intervals starting at 15bpm and gradually reducing and settling at 11bpm. Normal patterns of breath holding were observed. The pup was carefully loaded into the transportation tank and commenced its journey south accommpanied by Peter and John. Unfortunately the transportation tank did not fit into Alans car! (sorry Allan).

13.30hrs Our pup arrives at SSPCA Middlebank and is given reference number 167.

Thanks to Bruce Smith (Arbroath Environmental Health), Medics Jacque Watt, Peter Taylor, Allan Muir and Andy Dulley. Stand in Driver John Stewart. Co-ordinators Elaine Roft and Bob Pert. SSPCA Middlebank. Full credit to New Medic Willie Taylor for manning Elaines phone and Co-ordinating his first rescue efficiently and accurately.

Apologies to New Edinburgh Medic Nick Moore for not calling you (I would have done, but my phones were with Willie for the weekend and I Hadn't had a chance to update my team with yourself and others from Edinburgh for helping us with relays.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)