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2006-04-11 13:46:24

Harbour Porpoise Stranding - Hessle foreshore

Received a text from Bev Drayton at around 16:45 hrs of a live dolphin stranding. Left work feeling almost fully prepared this time as the majority of kit was already in the car boot.

I was contacted en route by Simon Drayton who said Sue Rhodes was on scene and the cetacean was dead, and had been for some time. I said I'd attend anyway to take measurements, photographs, fill in the necessary forms etc.

Greeted on site by Phil Young (HM Coastguard) who had already carried the cetacean from the waterline up the beach. On examination it was a harbour porpoise of just over four feet in length and already in some state of decomposition (fins and tail fluke were badly peeling). There was also a wound approximately 2 inches in length on its flank.

After taking photographs and relevant data I left the porpoise with Phil Young who was arranging removal.

Thanks again to Bev and Simon (Area Coordinators) for your continued guidance and support and Phil Young (HM Coastguard) for the photos.

Alan Stewart
MMM North East

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