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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-04-24 14:06:22

Grey Seal Pup Uplift for Montrose Team

23.04.06: A seal pup was observed within our patrol area by local photographer (Ian Paterson) who was out shooting film of the Bottlenose Dolphins that were traversing the coast between the hours of 19.00hrs and 21.00hrs. The pictures of the seal were forwarded to myself for ID purposes and for adding to our database collection. The fully weaned Grey Pup from the photographs sent, appeared to be in good body condition and as there were no initial causes for concern, it was left in its haul out place for the evening, quite content stretched out on the rocks within the coved area it had found. Elaine would investigate in the morning to see if the pup had moved away from its haul out place on the next flow tide.

24.04.06: I received a call at 18.15hrs from a member of the public John Moir - reporting a seal pup that had been stuck in mud that was now hauled out on the high tide mark of an area of beach within our patrol area. Medics Paul Horne / Willie Taylor / Jacque Watt and Volunteer Sue Horne made their way to the scene taking the transportation tank with them. Meantime I (Elaine Roft) provisionally booked a seal pen at SSPCA Middlebank Facilities in Inverkeithing before making my way to the scene to assess the overall situation. Upon my arrival I was met with a fully weaned male Grey pup named "Mitch" who despite having good body condition at the girth, was underweight on the hips and dehydrated. There [click here to enlarge] were numerous fresh puncture marks between all the digits on both front and rear flippers which were bleeding. These were treated on scene with Duphacycline. With respiration normal, "Mitch" who was bright, active, alert and feisty was hosed down and gently placed into the transportation tank. There were no discharges present from any of the orifices, and the eyes were round and clear. Mucous membranes were a bright healthy pink colour. It turns out that tonights seal pup was the same pup spotted yesterday (pictured above) photographed by Ian Paterson. At 19.00hrs Medics Elaine Roft, Paul Horne and Volunteer Sue Horne commenced the first leg of relay from our location meeting up with Medics Bob Pert and Allan Muir who took over with the second and final stage of the relay to Middlebank where he arrived at 21.30 hrs. He weighed in at 18kg, and was placed on wormer for severe lungworm infestation and given reference number 265.

Thanks to John Moir (who reported the pup to us), Thom Moir (provision of water for dousing pup), Medics Elaine Roft, Bob Pert, Paul Horne, Sue Horne, Willie Taylor, Jacque Watt, Allan Muir.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)