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2006-04-24 14:07:44

Late seal pup rescued from North Cornwall

Just as we were sitting down to dinner at around 5:30pm the phone rang… Glenn Boyle from the National Seal Sanctuary informed us of a report of a net entangled seal pup hauled out on a beach near Polzeath in North Cornwall. Coordinator Dave Jarvis contacted the North Cornwall BDMLR group and was able to get Medic Chris Bolton out to search, along with Medics Jenny Haley, Michelle Spillane-Smith and Emily Evans. Meanwhile, Dave, Lesley and Dan Jarvis got the seal cage ready and set out to the site.

Chris found the seal first and with the help of a passing veterinarian was able to cut the net from around the seal’s neck. Thankfully there were no netting injuries but the pup appeared thin and exhausted, so he called Dave and updated him with the pup's condition and directions on how to find them. When we got there, we met Chris and RSPCA Inspector Felicity Cross and were shortly joined by Emily and her mother. ACT member Claire Baker at the Seal Sanctuary was advised of the pup’s condition and it was agreed to uplift for rehabilitation.

Felicity and Dan got the pup into the a seal bag and between the rescue team members it was taken up to the car park to await Jenny and Michelle who had been searching the other side of the headland as per the original directions given to us, but whom also carried tubing equipment. Once they had arrived, Emily jumped the seal while Jenny and Dan managed to tube the seal fluids before it was loaded into Felicity's van and driven down to the Sanctuary to meet Claire and Senior ACT member Tamara Cooper for a clinical exam.

Bock is a male, weighed 22kg and was exhausted and has worms, which he is now being treated for. Besides a few minor scrapes and scratches he is doing well so far albeit he is quite sleepy at the moment!

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall
(Newquay - Land's End - St Austell)