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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2006-05-11 15:38:53

Grey Seal Pup, Hornsea

At approximately 5:45pm on Thursday 11th May. Bev Drayton received a phone call from Trevor Weeks reporting a young injured seal on the beach at Hornsea in East Yorkshire. After receiving the call, Bev [Mum] did a group text and medic Gary Bolton was the first person to respond and offer his services. Mum also asked me to attend.

Gary and I loaded up the car and set off to Hornsea which was a good 40 minutes away. Arriving at approximately 6:30pm, Gary dropped me off to search the beach while he parked the car. Almost immediately after start searching I spotted a young, grey seal pup lying on its back with one flipper in the air, on the beach. Gary followed me onto the beach with the grab bag towards the seal. I did a quick inspection of the pup and found a small cut on its rear right flipper. Gary and I came to the decision that we should take a closer look and treat the wounds. Gary opted to catch the seal and did so. I then promptly checked the rear body and flips and treated the cut which was superficial. Gary also checked the front end of the seal and discovered that it was slightly underweight but not by too much. We took the decision to leave the seal where it was as it seemed quite happy sunning itself before we got to it. A few seconds after "dismounting" the seal began to make its way back into the water. Gary and I stayed and observed the shore for a good hour before heading back home. Thank you to Beverley Drayton, Gary Bolton and Alan Stewart who was also willing to go if needed.

Ryan Walker
MMM Yorkshire & Humberside