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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2006-05-15 15:48:09

Bottlenose dolphin, Beckfoot, Cumbria

A Bottlenose dolphin has stranded at Beckfoot, Cumbria.

Officers from the MCA were first on site and were joined by a team of trained volunteers from BDMLR including Area Coordinator Jenny Watkins. A vet is also on site and had been assessing the animal with assistance, over the phone, from BDMLR Veterinary Director James Barnett.

The dolphin, at first thought to be local dolphin 'Marra', is approx 2.5m in length. Photos sent from the scene have been compared with shots of Marra and they do not match.

Tony Woodley

(MCA - Maritime & Coastguard Agency)

Update: 23.30hrs
blood tests taken from the dolphin and completed at a nearby veterinary surgery, have shown the animal to be in reasonable condition. After consulting with James Barnett it has been decided to try and release this dolphin. The dolphin is being transported on a coastguard RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) a short distance down the beach to an area where the team can stand in the water and 'refloat' the animal. This is a process where the animal, which has been stranded for some time, is acclimatised to the water again allowing it to regain its equilibrium and muscle tone. Following this process, the dolphin will be released into deeper water off-shore via the RIB.

Update: 16th May 00.10.hrs
I have just spoken to BDMLR Coordinator Jenny Watkins, she confirms that at 23.55hrs after a period of refloating, the dolphin has been released and has been seen to swim strongly away from the beach. Border Television have filmed the entire rescue and we hope to see some more images and video soon.