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2006-05-20 15:54:58

Harbour porpoise strands at Amroth, South Wales

BDMLR Medic, Gayle Lister, was leading a field studies trip to Amroth (map HERE) when she observed a porpoise approx 50m offshore at about 13.40hrs. The sea conditions were very rough. The animal quickly stranded and Gayle contacted me, as I was on-call for BDMLR. The porpoise was seen to strand and flounder and within only a couple of minutes die. Blood was seen to come from its mouth at the point it was stranded.

By this time I had alerted local Medic Adrian Hawthorne who dashed to the location from Tenby.

Adrian awaited Rod Penrose* who was able to travel to collect the carcass for a post mortem. The animal was approx 1.8m in length and female.

Thanks to Gayle and Adrian for their efforts.

Tony Woodley

* Strandings Co-ordinator (Wales) Collaborative UK & Celtic Marine Mammal Project

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