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2006-05-24 15:56:26

Whale entangled in 'creel' ropes at Applecross - Scotland

The Coastguard have reported to BDMLR's Skye Coordinator that a 'whale' of unknown species has become caught in creel ropes in the Sound of Rassay off Applecross. The creel pots have been cut free and MOD divers aboard the MOD vessel 'Tormentor' are planning to try and free the whale.

BDMLR has offered any assistance we can.

A team of BDMLR members is travelling to the US later this week to train with the Center for Coastal Studies in whale disentanglement. BDMLR will also be equipped with a whale disentanglement kit including a satellite telemetry buoy. The training trip and kit have been funded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Tony Woodley

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