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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-06-03 10:38:15

Redcar Seal Report

Date: Friday 2nd June

Time: 10.00pm

Location: Redcar sea front, near Leo's pub and disco.

Weather and tide: Lovely warm evening, visibility very good, approx 1+1/2 hours after high tide, sea was calm.

Access to beach: Easy. Down the slipway, approx 10 feet to the right.

Disturbance: No dogs on beach, about 10-12 people near seal (at a distance of approx 6-8 foot away)

No other seals were spotted although we were told that there were two more seen nearby earlier in the day.

Appearance: probably a grey seal, appeared to be about 3 foot long.

Condition: Very much alive,active and alert. Plump, good breathing, clear eyes.

Trauma: We were told that the seal was bleeding from it's rear, but when checked it appeared not as bad as we thought. Minor wound on rear flipper, about the size of a one penny piece.


When we arrived at the site we were met by the coastguard (two people) who informed us that there was a seal on the beach and they would assist us in any way needed. One of them told us that the sea had been rough the previous couple of days and the seal was bleeding from it's rear end. Fearing the worst, we (David and Wayne) looked at the area but could only see a small wound, about the size of a one penny piece on a rear flipper. It did not look severe, and on hearing that Graeme and Lisa were on the way, we were happy to wait for their advice as what to do next. I informed the coastguard that we were expecting two more experienced medics to arrive, and that we thought the seal would be okay where it was for the forseeable future. The coastguards then left but told us that if we needed them they were only a phone call away (just dial 999). The public were asking questions about the seal, and we did our best to keep them informed, and when a lady asked if we 'should roll it into the sea' , we explained that it was okay were it was! At this time the seal was about 20 feet from the water-line, high tide was at 8.26pm. From the look of the seal, nicely plump and alert, we believed the wound was only minor and that the seal was merely resting ( a couple of miles either way and no-one would have seen it) .Fortunately, Graeme and Lisa arrived and agreed that it was fine and having a rest. We waited and watched until it went into the sea at approx 1.05am Saturday 3rd June. The local police were very helpful, coming to check that we were not being disturbed by locals, 'oh, while i'm here do you think I could take a photo'.

David and Wayne Wilson