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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-08-01 11:21:23

Bridlington Common Seal pup rescue

Received a call from Sue White at approx 9.30 a.m. with reports of a seal pup on the promenade (buying an ice cream?!) that had apparently been there for a day or so.

After checking the medic list, called Tracey Guild from Filey who attended very quickly, and reported that it was indeed a common seal pup, less than a metre long close to the water line. It appeared to be dehydrated and certainly unhealthily thin due to a visible neckline and almost flat-like body. It was also covered in flies. It made no attempt to move when approached and breathing was laboured. There was also no sign of 'mum'.

Tracey decided it needed to come in so I contacted Linzi at Scarborough Sealife Centre who said they had room and would take it. After ringing round for transportation to no avail I attended myself (my boss was off so it seemed like a good opportunity to get out of work), and met Tracey at about 11.30 a.m sat with the seal on the beach. By this time she'd been with it for over an hour and a half.

Caught the seal easily (not taking anything away from you Tracey!) and once caged transported it up to SeaLife, a journey which took another hour or so (traffic was a nightmare!). Linzi was already waiting with her team and the seal was taken into the hospital where it was examined. It had a couple of holes in its flipper, was bleeding from one ear, a few lacerations around its mouth and a nasty gum infection. It was given the relevant fluids, bloods taken and put onto a drip. Depressingly there were already another three pups there brought in during the past week!

The pup's now being monitored carefully and will hopefully be moved onto fish meals soon.

Many thanks to:

Tracey - for your quick response, capture and dedication today (oh and for your directions to SeaLife avoiding the tourist traffic!)

Linzi and Claire from SeaLife - who were brilliant as always, we're stood there waiting for us fully prepared, and let us stay and watch them work!

Alan Stewart
North East