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2006-08-13 11:38:33

Seal Pup Rescue - Cruden Bay, Buchan

At 1640 Tony Woodley (BDMLR Director) contacted Andy Ireland (BDMLR Buchan Coordinator) to advise him that a member of the public had called the strandings hotline to report that they had uplifted a stranded seal from the beach and had placed it in a box wrapped in a jacket. Andy contacted the group at 1645 to see if anyone was available to attend and I replied to advise that I could be onsite within 30 minutes.

Andy arranged for me to collect the seal kennel from the BDMLR equipment store and then head to the pup. Whilst all of this was ongoing, Andy contacted the Montrose team to arrange a relay to Middlebank as Lawrence at New Deer is currently unable to take any additional pups. Willie in Montrose contacted his team and arranged that the handover was to take place at Stonehaven.

At around 1720 I arrived on scene at the white bridge in Cruden Bay, I was met by a few members of the public. They said that they had found the pup on the beach and had placed it in a jacket and carried it off the beach and had placed it in a fish box until someone could attend. I carried out a few observations of the pup and it was very unresponsive and weak, this may have been due to the recent storms that had taken place and the pup had taken a bit of a battering. Due to the pup being removed from the beach by the member of the public, we knew that we didn’t have much of an option but go with the option of rehab. I contacted Andy and he agreed that this was the course of action that should be taken, with a relay in place the seal was to be taken to SSPCA Middlebank. I got the kennel from the back of the car and placed two towels in the bottom of it. Our pup was laid to rest in the kennel and didn’t even put up a struggle. The two gentlemen helped carry the kennel to my car. I set off from Cruden Bay to Stonehaven where the handover was to take place. We kept the windows open to allow fresh, cool air to circulate around the pup and made two short stops on the way to give the pup a break from the journey and us a chance to check how he was doing.

I arrived at Stonehaven at 1845 where I was met by Montrose team Medic Peter Taylor and Volunteer Driver Norman Mundie. I handed the pup over to them where they would take the pup on the next part of the journey. Peter and Norman passed the pup on to Montrose Deputy Coordinator Bob Pert and Medic Allan Muir who took him the rest of the way to SSPCA Middlebank in Dunfermline. The pup arrived at Middlebank at 2030 and was given a reference number of ‘1727’ and named Audi (following their car theme). Audi was indeed a male and on arrival he was re-hydrated and weighed in at 9.2kg.

Glad to see that our first pup of the season has had a successful outcome. Thanks should go to Tony Woodley (BDMLR Director), Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator), Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic), Willie Taylor, Peter Taylor, Allan Muir (Montrose Medics), Norman Mundie (Montrose Driver), Bob Pert (Montrose Deputy Coordinator), Elaine Roft (Montrose Coordinator), SSPCA Middlebank and the members of public that contacted BDMLR about Audi.

Stacey Esson
Marine Mammal Medic - Buchan BDMLR
Andy Ireland
British Divers Marine Life Rescue - Buchan Area Co-ordinator