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2006-09-02 12:08:35

Common Seal Pup Rescue Gardenstown Scotland

11.17hrs: Dr kevin Robinson of the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit (Gardenstown, Banff) Called Montrose BDMLR Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft to say that he required assistance getting a pup relayed from the Grampian Wildlife Trust at New Deer to SSPCA Facilities at Middlebank as Laurence Brain was unable to retain the pup as he was on holiday. Banff & Buchan Co-ordinator Andy Ireland & Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Nick Duthie had been called by the CRRU team who were unaware that they were currently out of the area. The common seal pup had been uplifted by the CRRU team from Gardenstown beach and was currently at The Wildlife Trust having been treated with tetracin to a cut on the left flipper by the CRRU team.The pup was also hyperthermic (and was cooled off) and underweight. After 2 hours of time wasting (Medic unavailability and contact numbers on file not recognised) a response team was set in motion with Elaine having her team ready and on standby and BDMLR Essex Co-ordinator Faye Archell organising Fraserburgh Medic Availability .(This allowed Elaine's phone to be kept clear for communications with Montrose Medics and SSPCA). Faye confirmed that Fraserburgh Medic Stacey Easson was free to respond. With a seal pen at Middlebank now booked by Montrose Medic Willie Taylor and confirmed to Elaine, "Sniffy" the seals journey began after being given lectade plus rehydration fluids prior to commencing its journey. The second leg of the relay from New Deer to Stonehaven was carried out by Fraserburgh Medic Stacey Easson at 13.54hrs and she was later met by Montrose Medic and Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert and Montrose Medic Willie Taylor at [click on image to enlarge] 15.45hrs with the changeover (third stage of the relay) taking place at Stonehaven swimming pool. At 16.23hrs "Sniffy" was now in Montrose with Bob Pert heading for Arbroath (fourth stage of relay) after dropping off Medic Willie Taylor in Montrose en route to Arbroath. "Sniffy" was again sprayed down with cool water to prevent overheating and allowed a period of rest in Arbroath at 16.46hrs before commencing its journey to the Tay Bridge in Dundee where Tayforth Medic Michelle Penny was waiting to accompany Bob to Middlebank (fifth stage of the relay) as the SSPCA Inspectors were unable to resume a relay from Dundee. SSPCA staff member (Alexis) was called at 16.48hrs and given a progress report with an ETA for arrival (18.00 - 18.30hrs). Bob Pert called Elaine at 18.34hrs to confirm that the pup "Sniffy" had now reached its destination at the SSPCA facilities at Middlebank, Inverkeithing after a journey of approximately 175+miles. The pup was given its new name "Vectra" by the SSPCA staff based on themed names for cars and was weighed in at 10.8kg. Reference number to follow.

Stages of the relays

(1)Gardenstown to New Deer - completed at 11.17hrs (Kevin Robinson & Team, CRRU) pup left to rest and rehydrated and wounds tended to

(2)New Deer to Stonehaven relay - completed 13.54hrs - 15.45hrs (Stacey Easson, Fraserburgh)

(3)Stonehaven to Montrose relay - completed 16.23hrs (Bob Pert & Willie Taylor, Montrose)

(4)Montrose to Arbroath relay - completed 16.46hrs (Bob Pert, Montrose) pup sprayed down to cool off and left to rest for a period

(5)Arbroath, Dundee to Inverkeithing relay - completed (Bob Pert, Montrose / Michelle Penny, Tayforth)

Thanks to Dr kevin Robinson & Team of the Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit Gardenstown, Banff / Laurence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust) / Montrose BDMLR Medic & Co-ordinator Elaine Roft / Montrose BDMLR Medic & Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert / Essex Co-ordinator Faye Archell / Fraserburgh Medic Stacey Easson / Montrose Medic Willie Taylor / Tayforth BDMLR Medic & Co-ordinator Bruce McLeish / Tayforth Medic Michelle Penny / SSPCA Central Control / SSPCA Middlebank

Special thanks to both Stacey Easson (Fraserburgh) and Bob Pert (Montrose) for their fast response after 2 hours were initially wasted tracking Medics down and to Bob Pert for his own round trip journey of 210 miles!, also to Fraserburgh Medics Kenneth McLennan (assistance in tracking medics down) and Linda Robertson (who was prepared to do a relay from New Deer) for their help. Sorry you had to stand down Linda but Stacey Easson was already en route.

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator