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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-09-12 12:16:26

Lunan Bay, Scotland - call out

At 20.15 I received a phone call from Mel Price who had been called out, as a Coastguard, to Lunan Bay (map) for the reported call to a horse stuck in the foreshore sands. However, on speaking to the first informants. Mel had been told that it was some kind of whale in the surf, this is when Mel phoned myself. On arrival I witnessed the Fire and Rescue leaving and the presence of the Police and Coastguard units from Montrose and Arbroath.

Reporting to the senior Coastguard Officer, SO Gladys Gregory, she informed me that there was no trace of any animal on the beach and they were standing down all units. I asked if there was any units still on scene and Gladys told me that the first informants were still with a Coastguard unit on the dunes. This gave an excellent opportunity to question the two guys who actually saw the animal. Without prompting, I asked what size or colouring could they make out. One lad immediately said he thought, at one point, it was a Jersey cow! This is when my jaw dropped! "Did it have a large dorsal fin?", I asked. "Yeah, but it was drooped over" he replied.

"Well you've been inordinately lucky to have seen an older Orca feeding on a salmon run!"

From what this guy said it was obvious the animal had come upon the salmon and taken advantage of the situation and swam up and down the surfline in Lunan Bay feeding for a while, causing havoc amongst several rescue services, including us!

Thanks to The Following for standby response, Montrose Team - Elaine Roft (Area Co-ordinator) who was organising Medics, Pontoons, vets etc, Sue Horne, Paul Horne, Rebecca Chambers, Willie Taylor, Peter Taylor, Norman Mundie, Iain Wallace, Fraserburgh Team for delivery of whale pontoons if needed and Medic Support (Angi Long, Elaine Helyer, Michael Watt, who had time to confirm standby) and to the rest of the Fraserburgh team. Tayforth Co-ordinator Bruce McLeish for Medic Support, BDMLR Director Mark Stevens, BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson, Local Vet Ian Anderson (Robson & Partners), Aberdeen Fisheries Dept, Bob Reid (Scottish Agricultural College in Inverness).

Bob Pert
Assistant Co-ordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue Montrose/ Arbroath Area