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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-10-16 12:44:28

Dead juvenile Northern bottlenose whale washes up near Inverness

At approximately 15.45hrs, a call was received on Elaines mobile (24hrs) from Aberdeen Coastguard (Brian Longmuir) to say that a whale (species unidentified) had partially beached (still in shallow waters) on the East Side of Inverness. Elaine contacted BDMLR head office with the callers number but they were already aware of the situation and were in the process of contacting Natalie Simmonds (Area Co-odinator) and local Medics for response. Bob Reid of the Scottish agricultural College in Inverness had also received a call of the partial stranding and had contacted BDMLR Head Office prior to Elaine calling. A second call was then made to Aberdeen Coastgurds (Steve Smith) by Elaine who confirmed that BDMLR Head Office were dealing with the situation and that help would be arriving. By this time it was confirmed that the whale had now fully stranded. Meantime, the coastguards were happy to continue assisting on scene along with the local police and SSPCA to control public disturbance on the beach. Steve Smith was advised to update his colleagues on keeping the animal comfortable (In an upright position, if possible), digging trenches for the pectoral fins and to keep the animal wet, avoiding getting water in the blowhole, and to keep noise and disturbance to a minimum to avoid unnecessary stress to the whale.

At 17.37hrs Coastguard SteveSmith called Elaine back to confirm that the whale had been pronounced dead by Bob Reid of SAC who had now arrived on scene. Elaine called Head Office and spoke with Alan Knight who confirmed that Bob Reid had called them pronouncing the whale dead and that an autopsy would be carried out. Alan Knight confirmed that the species of the whale had been identified as a young Northern Bottlenose Whale.

Although head office had been notifed of the situation, The Montrose / Arbroath Team of BDMLR thank most sincerely Aberdeen Coastguards Brian Longmuir and Steve Smith for telecommunications to Elaines mobile.

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator