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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-10-09 12:47:23

Busy start to grey seal rescue season in Cornwall

1200 hrs 2nd October:
The first call came from the National Seal Sanctuary to Coordinator Dave Jarvis about a whitecoat pup at Crooklets Beach, Bude. The caller had been advised to keep people and dogs away and not to touch it. Dave called Medic Max Faulkner, who unfortunately couldn’t attend as he was moving house! However Max called Medic Hannah Walter who also lives nearby and who was able to attend. Hannah arrived but, sadly, the caller had had to leave and during the intervening 30 minutes since the caller left and Hannah’s arrival somebody had already been over and petted the pup, which would have cause the mother to abandon it if she were still around. Hannah uplifted the pup and she met Maz from the Sanctuary's Animal Care Team (ACT) near Bodmin to take back with her for rehabilitation. The pup was named Ronnie.

1230 hrs 6th October:
A second call to Bude, this time Widemouth Bay. Hannah, working just up the road from the beach, was able to go out again to take a look, but unfortunately this young whitecoat was already dead. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Strandings Network was informed.

1800 hrs 7th October:
Call number three to Bude! Today it was at Wansum Beach, next to Widemouth By, so again Hannah went out. She made contact with the caller and with their help found the pup, another very young whitecoat that appeared to have an injured flipper. As the pup was also very thin, Coordinators Tim Bain and Dave Jarvis, with Medic Lesley Jarvis, travelled up to Bude to tube feed the pup fluids before arriving at the Sanctuary at 2230hrs, where it was named Magnet.

0930hrs 8th October:
Not at Bude this time, but at Gwithian, near Hayle. Dave received a call from the Wildlife Trust, and he contacted Medic Rachael Vine who also works at the Sanctuary to attend. Dave, Lesley and Tim met Rachael at the site to find yet another whitecoat pup sitting in the middle of this busy public beach. Following discussions with the Sanctuary there was little alternative, so they uplifted it for rehabilitation, where the ACT named it Pebbles.

1530hrs 9th October:
During the afternoon, Tim Bain had a call from the Seal Sanctuary about a pup on Porthgwidden Beach, St Ives. He contacted Dave and Lesley, who brought the cage while he looked for the pup. He found it - yes, another whitecoat - being thrown up the rocks at the side of the beach by rough surf. Tim was able to pull the pup out when the waves receded and await the arrival of Dave, Lesley and Medic Sue Sayer. After consulting with the ACT it was decided the pup should be brought in. This was duly done and the pup, Koko, is now doing well.

Dave Jarvis
Coordinator BDMLR Cornwall