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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-10-12 12:49:33

Pup flies in for rehabilitation!

During the evening, Medic Dan Jarvis received a call from friends Mark and Susie Groves on the Isles of Scilly, who run 'Island Sea Safaris' wildlife boat trips. They in turn had received calls from the local Police and another from a visitor about a pup on Old Town Beach on St Mary’s Island. As Mark and Susie were on the mainland they were unable to assess the pup that was in fact practically on their doorstep! So they called BDMLR's Isles of Scilly contact David McBride to have a look while Dan informed the Seal Sanctuary.

David found the pup and described its condition to Dan over the phone. It had a couple of small but deep injuries to its rear end and appeared underweight, although it was still very much alert and didn't seem dehydrated. He was advised to keep people away from the pup, but unfortunately as it was getting dark and due to the lack of equipment and Medics on the Islands, nothing further could be done until morning. In the meantime, David was able to take photos and email them over for further assessment.

In the morning, the Animal Care Team at the Sanctuary were able to see the photos and contacted Ri, who lives on the Islands, and who has helped get pups flown over via the British International helicopters that run daily trips to and from the mainland. Ri and David found the pup again and were able to capture it and load it into a makeshift container for transport to Penzance Heliport, where it was met by Sanctuary staff member Rachael Vine, Coordinator Dave Jarvis and Medic Lesley Jarvis and taken for rehabilitation. The pup was named Mutley and her injuries are now healing well.

Our thanks go to Mark and Susie, David, Ri and the British International for their help during this successful rescue operation.

Incidentally, just prior to the call about this pup, another call had been received from Cornwall Wildlife Trust about a whitecoat pup on the island of Tresco, but again having received digital photos and consulting with the Animal Care Team, this animal was monitored on the beach, where it was believed to have been reunited with its mother.

Dave Jarvis
Coordinator BDMLR Cornwall