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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-10-20 12:54:01

Yorkshire schools raise funds for BDMLR

We spent the morning at St Mary's Primary School who had a fundraising day for British Divers Marine Life Rescue. The children had made games, brought in prizes for the games and had a cake stall in the hall and all the children in the school took part. The idea for the fundraiser had come from the 'Eco Club' that is run at the school by Tracey Guild [MMM] who is a teacher at the school. Following the Humpback Whale rescue in Sept, the children had become interested in the work we do as Tracey was one of the medics to attend the Hump Back. I went along with Ryan to say hello and thank you for all their hard work. The children have also done a towel and sheet collection and they will be used for the Hull area and stored with the trailer. I gave a power point presentation to 3 groups of children ranging from the ages of 5yrs to 11yrs old, some 120 children in all! Ryan gave technical support and I couldn't have managed without him. The initial count shows the children have raised over £300 for BDMLR ..... enough to buy a Marine Mammal Rescue Kit.

From St Mary's school we had a quick bite of lunch and went to Quay Street Primary School across the other side of Bridlington. Karen Cranston BDMLR MMM is a teacher at this school and organised our visit there. At the school we gave 2 presentations to approximately 80 children in total. The children had run a couple of competitions that they had made themselves, and presented me with a cheque for £25 they had raised for British Divers. They are going to be doing a towel & sheet collection after Christmas.

The children at both schools were very well behaved and asked some excellent questions. I have already been asked back to give further presentations to St Mary's School and look forward to sharing our knowledge with these enquiring minds. All in all it has been a busy day but over 200 children have been reached and they will be our vets and medics of the future. Judging by the teachers reaction to the talks at both schools, we may have got some medic recruits also. Both Ryan and I feel it was a productive day.

Bev Drayton
Assistant Coordinator Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire