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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-10-23 12:55:14

Scotland seal pup rescue

We had a call from the SSPCA this evening (23rd October) about 5pm saying they had a call from a gentleman from the area to the west of Thurso reporting a young seal on its own on the beach.

Jim, who had taken the original call, rang me and as I wasn't working and live 600yds or so away from him, said I would jump in his truck with him. On the way down I text Kas as she has not yet been on a proper 'shout' but done plenty for the observation of a few beaches etc to see if she was available to come along too, which she was. I let her know the location and off we all went.

Jim and I arrived at the beach and then went 'oh gawd which road' -luckily he chose the right one which is not a road but a track. He pulled up at the end of the track at the top of the cliff and we descended a few steps and viewed the 'beach'. It is nearly a cliff climb down to a pebble beach that is no more than 100yds long!

Jim spotted the pup first well above high water mark just having a little wriggle. We got down the path after a few slips and slides and as we approached the pup it moved onto its belly to get a better look at us as it had been lying on its side with its back to us.

It was quite a healthy looking pup so it was left in location and neither Jim nor I could see any other wounds or marks on it.

We met up with Kas as we were leaving, explained we had seen the pup and I showed her the pictures I had taken on the camera view screen, and she agreed it looked healthy.

Paula Gent
BDMLR Caithness Coordinator