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2006-10-26 13:02:28

Business as usual in Cornwall…

25th October

0900: The National Seal Sanctuary contacted Coordinator Dave Jarvis about an adult female constantly hauling out on a beach close to Hope Cove in Devon. The information was then passed on to BDMLR HQ and West Devon Coordinator Lissa Goodwin.

1130: Dave received a call from a member of the public about a pup on Hayle Beach. He mobilised Medics Lesley and Phil Jarvis to the scene and advised the Sanctuary who had also received a call and had sent out members of the Animal Care Team (ACT) to pick it up. The pup was found to have injuries to the jaw, a flipper and an eye. The animal was taken for rehabilitation when the ACT arrived.

1230: Then Dave had another call, this time about a pup near Bideford in North Devon. He passed on the details to Sue White at BDMLR HQ, who called out Medics Hannah Walter, Ross Compton and Vicky Cartwright. The pup was uplifted by them due to its poor condition and taken to Loche & Preston vets where medic Sue Gear works. Vet Vicky White waited for the pup to arrive and gave it fluids and cleaned up its eyes before being relayed to RSPCA Hospital West Hatch in Taunton via Medic Chaynee Hodgetts.

1700: At the end of the day, the ACT had a call about a pup at Watergate Bay, Newquay. Dave was contacted again and he sent out Assistant Coordinator Jenny Haley to look for the pup while he picked up Coordinator Tim Bain with Medic Lesley Jarvis. Jenny called back to say she had located the pup and that it had severe injuries to the rear flippers. On arrival, Tim and Jenny carried out a detailed health check of the pup, finding also that its temperature was high at 39.1C. The ACT were advised and the pup transported to them at the Sanctuary as quickly as possible. The clinical assessment found bite wounds to the head, all four flippers and to the body. The bites to the rear flippers and tail were particularly nasty, with some bone and tendons visible and also a temperature of 41C. The bleeding was staunched and wounds were cleaned. Its breathing rate was continuous and the pup was emitting what can only be described as screaming.

26th October

1030: Messages were received by Dave from National Coordinator Trevor Weeks and the Seal Sanctuary advising him of an adult seal apparently caught in netting at Porthleven. Tim Bain and Phil Jarvis attended and conducted a search of the area after speaking to the caller who was on a boat but was unable to show them where it was due to the falling tide. After walking the beach and nearby cliff the seal could not be located.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Coordinator