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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-10-28 13:14:57

Essex seal pup rescues

It has been a fairly quiet summer for Common Seal Pup rescues in Essex this year (3 pups and one adult). So our little pinniped friends caught us all off guard when we had three rescues in a week! It had myself and assistant coordinator Leon Woodrow wondering what on earth was going on!! Seals don’t pup in October… do they?

Leon collected two pups between the 25th and 28th October. Both were weaned pups (so probably born at the mid to end of September) that were very underweight, one had a possible boat injury. The other was also a weaned Common that was found in Felixstowe. For MMM Becky Fisher it was her first call out. Her report, as well as a picture of the seal is below. All the seals are now at RSPCA East Winch (Norfolk).

Faye Archell
BDMLR Essex Coordinator