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2006-11-03 13:51:03

Common seal pup uplift - Scotland

A call was received by Elaine Roft today at 11.58hrs from our new observer volunteer Donna MacDonald who confirmed that a tiny seal pup had been hauled out all morning on a pebbly foreshore and that it wasnt looking too good. Donna said that the pup was making its way up a verge which leads to a main road. Despite the tide going out, this pup was not happy in its location and was generally looking dejected. Medics Paul Horne & Willie Taylor were called & agreed to collect the transportation tank with Elaine leaving for the locus immediately whilst Donna was happy to babysit to prevent the pup making its way to the road. Paul & Willie who had arrived before Elaine, managed to uplift the seal pup which was virtually still surrounded by water. Elaine identified the pup as "Amber" one of this years common pups (born at the end of September) which has been monitored regulary and showed signs of poor swimming abilities. Respiration was taken and remained at 17bpm, with very pale mucous membranes and prominent hips. Estimated weight 14-15kg. A seal pen was booked at SSPCA Middlebank after Alexis agreed that the pup should be given routine worming as there was a possibility that it was suffering from lungworm and / or pneumonia. "Amber" was taken from the scene at 13.00hrs and arrived at Middlebank at 15.30hrs weighing in at 11.8kg. Many thanks to Donna & Cindy (for staying with the pup), Medics Elaine Roft, Paul Horne & Willie Taylor, Tayforth Co-ordinator Allan Muir (who was on standby to assist with a relay if required), Cameron McPherson (BDMLR Consulting vet), Staff at SSPCA Middlebank (Inverkeithing)

Whilst dropping "Amber" off today - we were informed that "Morris" (Henry) our previous rescue is now at Deep Sea World for pre-release and "Vectra" (Sniffy) is now self feeding at Middlebank

Middlebank also accommodated their first Grey Seal Pup of the season (a whitecoat) that was uplifted from Kingsbarns in Fife by BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson.

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator

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