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2006-11-12 14:20:37

Further Report on "Snappy"

10.11hrs Jamie Dyer (NW Highlands Co-ordinator) Calls Montrose Co-ordinator Elaine Roft informing her that Paula Gent (Caithness Co-ordinator) is currently en route from Thurso with a seal pup travelling to Middlebank. Could Elaine call Middlebank to ask availability of a seal pen and could we assist with a relay. Elaine advises breaking the seals journey in half by taking it to Lauence Brain of Grampian Wildlife Trust working on a relay system. Jamie is happy with this arrangement.

10.14hrs Elaine calls Laurence Brain who is happy to accommodate the pup. Will Elaine keep him updated on progress of journey and ETA.

10.25hrs Natalie Simmons is in Buchan Area and unable to do a relay from Inveness. Elaine calls Andy Ireland (Buchan Co-ordinator) who agrees to travel to Fochabers to meet Paula for the second stage of the relay. Jamie Dyer will establish contact with Paula to notify her of change of plans. (Paula currently outwith signal area) and to keep Elaine updated on pups progress and journey progress

10.30hrs Tony BDMLR Head Office is notified of the change of plans - taking pup to GWT instead of Middlebank

11.00hrs Jamie has established contact with Paula who is now heading for Fochabers ETA 2 hrs (13.00hrs)

11.05 Elaine asks Andy to leave Buchan Area and head for Fochabers to meet Paula for changeover (Baxters Factory car park) Andy taking medic kit with him ETA 1 1/2 hrs (13.25hrs) depending on traffic. paula updated on meeting place - Baxters soup factory car park.

11.27 Jamie Dyer Updated on relay progress.

11.53 Paula updates Elaine on pup. Pups temp 36.5 / resp was 19bpm down to 13-14bpm remaing steady at this / lying on its back / rear flippers very hot and steaming. 12.00 Andy Ireland has reached Banff

12.20hrs BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson has been updated on relay / progress etc by Elaine Roft. Cameron advised keeping up ventilation and spraying process and if possible administer fluids without putting ourselves at risk (this is a very fiesty pup)

12.35hrs hrs Andy Ireland has arrived at Fochabers / Paula approximately 25 miles away. Andy updated on Paulas whereabouts by Elaine. Elaine has asked Andy to take a note from paula of all fluids and medication that pup has received prior to transportation along with dates and times for handing to Laurence Brain when it arrives at GWT and for updating BDMLR Vet James Barnett & BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson and NW Highlands Co-ordinator Jamie Dyer

13.38 Paula Gent and Andy Ireland have now met up for stage 2 of the relay to GWT

14.15hrs Pup is now en route to GWT ETA 15.15hrs. Temp remained at 36.5, wounds were sprayed with oxytetracycline and pup sprayed down. Admininstering of fluids was not possible due to the pups aggressiveness. Elaine updated Head Office, Jamie Dyer, Cameron McPherson and Laurence Brain.

15.32hrs Andy has arrived with Snappy at GWT. Laurence has administered 150mls of Lectade plus and 3 fish were presented which was eagerly eaten

Many thanks to all those involved. Paula Gent (Caithness Co-ordinator) & Dave Benson, Caithness Vets, BDMLR Vet James Barnett, Jamie Dyer (NW Highlands Co-ordinator), BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson, Elaine Roft (Montrose Co-ordinator) & Team, Andy Ireland (Buchan Co-ordinator) &Team, Laurence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust), Tony Woodley (BDMLR Director)

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator