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2006-11-12 14:28:32

Further report re "Sniffy"

Having just done a pup changeover with Buchan Co-ordinator Andy Ireland and on her way back home, Caithness Co-ordinator Paula Gent has been informed of yet another pup at Thurso in need of uplift. Jim Thomson (Thurso Medic) has taken photographs and sent them to BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson for his opinion. Cameron has confirmed to Jim that the pup (weaned grey) is dehydrated and malnourished and is a definite uplift candidate. Montrose Co-ordinator Elaine Roft sets the ball in motion again and organises anothr relay (our second today). Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Nick Duthie is happy to travel to Inverness to meet up with paula and Elaine has booked a seal pen with Laurence Brain at GWT.

16.00hrs Nick Duthie plans to set off for Inverness taking a Medic kit and tubing equipment with him. Laurence has called Elaine with instructions for Nick Duthie on where the pup is to be housed on its arrival. Elaine has updated Nick on this. ETA for Nick and Paula meeting is 19.00hrs

20.20hrs Nick Duthie just called Elaine to confirm pup changeover for stage 2 of relay to GWT. 200mls lectade plus administered, a few abrasions to entire of body, a few natal hairs still present on rear flippers, pup has scummy eyes tinged with blue color, very thin, despite fluid intake in a flatish state. Elaine will confirm ETA of "Sniffy" to Laurence

21.03hrs Nick is approximately 2 hours away from GWT. ETA 23.00 - 23.30hrs.

22.30hrs Nick has arrived at GWT and "Sniffy" is in the indoor pen with pool. Fingers firmly crossed that the pup survives the night.

Thanks to Jim Thomson (Caithness Medic), Paula Gent (Caithness Co-ordinator) & Dave Benson, Caithness Vets Elaine Roft (Montrose Co-ordinator), Nick Duthie (Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator), Laurence Brain GWT, Tony Woodley BDMLR Director.

Elaine Roft
Montrose/Arbroath Area Co-ordinator