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2006-11-13 15:04:09

Medic takes a walk in the Peruvian mountains

A huge thanks to Tracy for submitting this account of her trip to Peru and for raising £190 on her walk to Machu Picchu. Here is her account...

On August the 12th 2006, at an unearthly time in the morning, I apprehensively set off to Heathrow airport. I wasn't just apprehensive due to the 3 week adventure that laid ahead but more because of the terrorist threat which had happened just 2 days before. The target, an American Airlines plane, flying from London to America. My destination London to Peru, via Miami on, yes you guessed it, American Airlines!! Considering I had to fly for over 13hour with nothing but a clear plastic bag, my passport & money for company, (they wouldn't even let you take a book or a packet of mints on board)the flight wasn't too bad.

Over the next 2 weeks I travelled around Peru, seeing various amazing sights and being overwhelmed by the wonderful people. From the coast and sea lions to the incredible Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon & Lake Titicaca.

Eventually the final week was upon us & we headed for Cusco & the legendary Inca Trail. This is what I was really here for. The trek on the Inca Trail to the facinating city of Machu Picchu.

I had expected the trek to be difficult & I'd already experienced the shortness of breath at 2000m above sea level. How would I manage at 4200m?

There were so many highlights to the trek itself & the senery was just incredible! But there were a few low points thrown in and that would probably include nearly freezing to death over night in our tent despite wearing thermals, hat, gloves...& then being woken at 5am with a bowl of potato porridge & having to ascend Dead Womans Pass!

Turning the final corner & climbing the last set of steps to Machu Picchu was amazing. It was a really emotional feeling to finally be at the Sun Gate, looking down over the famous city. After 4 days of walking, blisters & altitude headaches it was hard to believe I'd finally made it. It was even better to know that I had raised some money for British Divers.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me it really helped to keep me going when the going got tough!

Tracy Guild