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2006-11-22 15:25:33

Pup Relay (New Deer to Middlebank), Scotland

On arriving home on Wednesday evening, Jason Carter (Kent Coordinator) was manning the on-call phones and gave me a call. He advised me that Thurso had two pups that were in need of a relay to Grampian Wildlife Trust (GWT). I sent a message to all of my team to establish was available and who wasn't.

On contacting GWT, they advised me that they were currently at full capacity and already had one seal too many. This meant that in order for them to take any more seals we would have to move that one on to Middlebank. As GWT was also using a temporary holding pen, if they were to take a further two seals in to rehab then they would require a more permanent solution. Sue and Trevor in Head Office were already working on trying to have two large containers shipped in to GWT the same or next day (Thursday/Friday).

The relay was organised and Angi Long (Buchan Medic) had agreed to do the first leg, then Willie Taylor and Paul Horne (Montrose Medics), then Allan Muir (Tayforth Coordinator) would complete the relay to Middlebank. Elaine Roft kindly offered to contact Middlebank first thing and see if they are happy to take our pup.

23rd November
Elaine called me at 0830 to advise that the relay was on, and that Middlebank would be happy to take the pup.

Angi Long was advised to continue as planned and set off from GWT at 1030. At 1200 Angi Long Handed the pup over to Paul Horne and Willie Taylor (Montrose Medics) at Stonehaven, whilst Angi headed to meet Nick Duthie to collect a seal kennel that had to go north back up to Thurso later in the day.

At 1300 Montrose team handed the pup over to Allan Muir (Tayforth Coordinator) who continued down to Middlebank. On arrival at Middlebank the pup was placed in a pen.

Thanks to Allan Muir (Tayforth Coordinator) for the attached pictures taken at Middlebank. Thanks must go to Jason Carter (Kent Coordinator & On Call Mobile), Angi Long (Buchan Medic), Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator), Medics and Volunteers of the Buchan team that offered their help if required, Elaine Roft (Montrose Coordinator), Willie Taylor (Montrose Medic & 24 hour On Call), Paul Horne (Montrose Medic), Allan Muir (Tayforth Coordinator), Trevor Weeks & Sue White (BDMLR HQ), Lawrence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust), SSPCA Middlebank.

Andy Ireland
Buchan Regional Coordinator