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2006-12-01 15:42:32

Pup Rescue - Peterhead, Scotland

At 1300 I received a call from Nick Duthie (Aberdeenshire Coordinator) to advise me of a seal pup that had been reported by a member of the public to Grampian Police. WPC Lindsay of Grampian Police and a trained BDMLR Medic works in the Peterhead office and contacted Nick Duthie. She advised us that she was going to go and have a look at the seal and meet up with the member of the public that reported it. The seal was reported to be quite far up the river Ugie on the shore by MOP Mr. Stewart Watt. Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator) sent out a group text and Elaine Helyer (Buchan Volunteer) advised that she would be able to attend and immediately headed to meet up with WPC Lindsay. On arrival the seal was a white coat that has been pushed right up the river Ugie probably due to the latest spell of bad weather. The pup had been in the same spot for the entire day and had been reported to the SSPCA at 0900 that same day however they were unable to attend. On speaking to Mr Watt he advised us that the seal pup had been attacked by a dog earlier in the day and had been receiving a lot of pubic and canine disturbance.

Elaine Helyer contacted Andy Ireland and passed on all the relevant information, we decided that if left on the beach, this pup would not survive. Elaine then contacted Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic) who had been covering the Buchan on call for the past few days and had all our seal kit and kennel. Stacey arranged for her brother to take all the kit and drop it off to Elaine Helyer at the Ugie. Whilst waiting on the kit, the MOP that had passed by earlier and allowed his dog to attack the pup began to give abuse to Elaine Helyer and by this time WPC Lindsay had left to attend to something else. Elaine Helyer contacted Andy Ireland and Andy Ireland called WPC Lindsay to ask if she could give our team a hand with an abusive MOP. WPC Lindsay gave Elaine Helyer and lift to the car with the pup whilst the MOP continued to hurl abuse and explained that 'we were just a bunch of do gooders' and 'seals should just be shot'. Elaine Helyer took our pup back to her farm at Rattray to wait for Andy Ireland to come round to collect the pup and take it to Grampian Wildlife Trust (GWT) along with the new seal tank that he had just acquired. Andy Ireland uplifted the pup from Elaine Helyer, took it to GWT and it was placed straight in to the new pen that we were dropping off. Pup was given 200ml of Lectade + and temperature at Rattray farm was 37.2. Thanks must go to Nick Duthie (Aberdeenshire Coordinator), Elaine Helyer (Buchan Volunteer), Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator), Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic), WPC Lindsay (Medic & Grampian Police), Elaine Roft (Montrose Coordinator), Lawrence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust), SSPCA Middlebank and a big thanks to Mr. Stewart Watt for reporting the pup to Grampian Police.

Andy Ireland
Buchan Regional Coordinator

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