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2006-12-04 15:43:58

Pup Rescue - Fraserburgh, Scotland

At about 10.30 on Monday evening Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator) received a call from Kenneth McLennan (Buchan Medic) to advise that whilst he was on patrol at work he had came across a seal pup and he was trying to get hold of a key holder for the locked/fenced off area that the seal was stuck in. I got the kit back in to the car, and headed through to Fraserburgh. On route I contacted Faye Archell (BDMLR On Call) to advise that we had another pup and I was heading to take a look. On route, Kenneth McLennan contacted me to advise that the key holder was now present and they had access to the pup. When I arrived at the RNLI Lifeboat access stairs, the pup had managed to get on to their platform and had climbed the stairs to the top and had been trying to force its way through/under the gate to gain access to the quayside.

The pup was another white coat and appeared to be a bit thin, there was no way that if a mother was present she would of found the little fella where he had placed himself. The pup had a very distinct smell of Diesel obviously from swimming around in the Fraserburgh harbour. Andy Ireland uplifted the pup and took him back to the house for overnight holding in our pen. The pup was given 200ml of Lectade + and then placed in the pen for his overnight stay due to all of the pens at Grampian Wildlife Trust and SSPCA Middlebank being full, and the time of night was also against us as a relay would not have been possible (00.30).

In the morning our pup was given another 200ml of Lectade, placed back in his Vari-Kennel and he had to go to work. During the day we were trying to arrange a relay and pen for him and we were working with BDMLR HQ, BDMLR Montrose team, SSPCA, Grampian Police and Mintlaw Vets to try and arrange a place and means of transport to take his to a more permanent pen for rehab. Throughout the day he was given more Lectade with the help of some of the staff from work. By 1600, we had a plan and he was going to be relayed to Hesslehead in Paisley. Andy Ireland took him to Ellon where he was handed over to Nick Duthie (Aberdeenshire Coordinator). Nick Duthie then passed him on to Ian Wallace (Montrose Medic), Ian then passed on to Gordon Hay (Glasgow Coordinator) who took the pup the final part of the journey to Hesselhead.

This was a very large scale operation with many people involved or contacted for help and hopefully I will manage to thank them all: - Kenneth McLennan (Buchan Medic), RNLI (Fraserburgh), Fraserburgh Harbour, Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator), Buchan Team, Elaine Roft (Montrose Coordinator), Sue & Paul Horne (Montrose Medics), Montrose Team, Sue, Trevor & Tony (BDMLR HQ), PC Sangster (Grampian Police), Mintlaw Vet Surgery, SSPCA (Middlebank & Emergency Switchboard), Nick Duthie (Aberdeenshire Coordinator), Ian Wallace (Montrose Medic), Gordon Hay (Glasgow Coordinator), Lawrence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust - New Deer).

Andy Ireland
Buchan Regional Coordinator

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