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2006-12-05 15:49:09

Common pup uplift, Montrose, Scotland

I Received phone call from Elaine Roft, Our Co-ordinator, at 9.15am asking if we (myself and Paul) were available for an uplift. She had been contacted by member of the public Jules Anderson who reported a small seal pup on the beach at Lunan Bay south. She was concerned that the gulls were attacking the pup and the pup was not making any attempt to go back into the water. Elaine contacted Middlebank re - booking a seal pen whilst Paul Horne (Medic) picked up the transportation tank and Willie Taylor (Medic).

Paul and Willie arrived to find a male common seal pup with reasonable body weight. Respiration was monitored at 30bpm. The pup, however, was fiesty. Elaine phoned me again and asked that I contact Paul and ask him to return home with the pup and wait for a possible second pup coming down from the North from Andrew Ireland (Buchan Co-ordinator). I spoke to Andy Ireland at 10.39am and asked him for an update on his seal pup. Andy informed me that he was trying to organise transport via the SSPCA to my house, thereby Paul and Willie would transport both pups to Middlebank. Paul and Willie arrived at the house 11am. On second inspection the pup's respiration was monitored at 15bpm, though breathing still quite laboured.There was some blood oozing from the mouth, the left eye had slight weeping and a discharge and we were concerned about the rear right flipper that appeared doubled over.

I Spoke to Andy Ireland again at 11.15am who said that there was a change in plans to transport his seal pup and that Paul should make his way down to Middlebank. Paul and Willie left Montrose witht the pup now named "Jules" at 11.20am ETA at Middlebank 14.00 - 14.30hrs and I 'phoned Elaine to update her on events....Paul and Willie, however, did not leave the Arbroath area until 13.57hrs because of events that happened after their leaving Montrose...see our next call out Our Common pup named "Jules" was renamed Corsa" and reference 2470 was given weighing in at 19.6kg.

Thanks to Medics Paul Horne, Willie Taylor, Elaine Roft (Co-ordinator), Bob Pert ( Assistant Co-ordinator), Sue Horne (Volunteer), Jules Anderson & boyfriend, SSPCA Middlebank

Sue Horne
Montrose / Arbroath Region