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2006-12-05 15:50:57

Grey seal pup with one eye rescued, Arbroath - Scotland

Having just finished dealing with the adult shot seal at Arbroath slipway then meeting Willie and Paul with the common seal pup they had uplifted from Lunan Bay to check its rear flippers, myself and Jacque were making our way back to Montrose and Willie and Paul had just left Arbroath town centre heading for Dunfermline when call number 2 came in. This was a pup, reported at the forbidden caves at Carlingheugh Bay.Myself and Jacque went back to Arbroath to Bob Perts workplace, borrowed towels and the seal bag and made our way to the location. Meanwhile Willie and Paul were asked to double back and meet up with us so that 2 pups could be transported down to Middlebank in 1 go! Allan Muir (Tayforth Co-ordinator) had also met up with Willie and Paul and left us his vari kennel for using. After a trek of about a mile, through a very muddy wood and across a stream, myself and Jacque finally reached carlingheugh Bay where we were met by a heavily pregnant Melissa Cheshire from Ancrum outdoor activity centre in Dundee. Melissa, had managed to lift the pup from the forbidden caves as the tide was coming in and she was worried that it would take the pup.She had placed it on the shingle for our arrival. After a muddy steep decent down the cliff path we arrived to find a small unweaned grey seal pup, thin, malnourished, approximate weight estimated at under 10kg and the left eye missing. The pup was placed in the seal bag, then in a padded fish box that we found whilst we made our steep ascend back up the cliffs, back through the muddy wood and finally back to the car. Medics Willie Taylor, Paul Horne and Bob Pert, had by this time arrived to offer assistance (much needed as myself and Jacque were exhausted) and helped us back to the lay by with the pup where it was transferred into the vari Kennel. Both pups were then taken immediately to SSPCA at Middlebank. On arrival, Romaine (vet) gave urgent veterinary treatment to the unweaned grey named "Ancrum", administered fluids and weighed it in at 11.2kg. It was given the codename "Mike" and reference number 2475. The common pup mentioned above was given codename "Corsa" and reference 2470 weighing in at 19.6kg The common pup has suspected pneumonia and / or lungworm, and The unweaned grey has chronic pneumonia as well as coping with the eye injury etc

Thanks to Medics Elaine Roft, Jacque Watt, Willie Taylor, Paul Horne, Allan Muir, Volunteer Sue Horne, Melissa Cheshire from Ancrum Activity Centre, SSPCA Middlebank

Thanks to Medics Elaine Roft, Bob Pert, Jacque Watt, Paul Horne, Willie Taylor, Sue Horne, Melissa Cheshire (Ancrum Outdoor Activity Centre), SSPCA.

Elaine Roft
Medic & Area Co-ordinator (Montrose & Arbroath)

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