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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-12-10 16:20:32

Grey Seal Pup Rescue - Withernsea

The morning after, Lucy and I were still chatting about the rescue in Bridlington when the mobile rang and Fay from main office alerted us of a seal pup reported at Withernsea beach. So we quickly got dressed, got the kennel and off we went. After quite a bit of searching we found the woman who reported the pup and the pup quite freezing on the beach. Thank you Caroline for staying put until I got there, it was a very cold day! The grey weaned pup did not look too well. She was alert and fought us off but she had quite a lot of discharge from the nose and the mouth, she sneezed, looked tired and a bit underweight. Again the beach was busy with people walking their dogs. After a few hours observation the weather started to deteriorate and it started to rain and I was not happy to leave "Withern" on that beach. I rang Joel to see if he could have helped but he had a report of another seal at Mappleton further up the coast and was on route to assist Dean. I 'jumped' the pup (she was not very impressed and tried to bite, I was not very impressed as it was my first jump and I had an audience) and decided to relocate her to a safe area in the nearby Nature Reserve of Spurn Point. When my son Joel and I released her, she went "like the clappers" towards the sea but stopped short and rested. The local Ranger was informed.

The day after I went to check her with Joel (senior). She was not on the beach. It was good weather and a calm sea, ideal fishing conditions for "Withern".

Thanks very much to Caroline for phoning and looking after the pup in the freezing cold, to Lyz who stayed with me for a while and left me her mobile, as mine had just died, and I would have been completely isolated. Thanks to the two gentleman who helped me to carry the kennel onto the road (it was very heavy) , Thanks to Fay and Alan supporting me on the phone, to Andy the Spurn Point ranger and to Lucy who stayed a long time on the beach in the cold, took good photographs and generally has been very patient.

Freddie and Joel Taylor