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2006-12-09 16:24:16

Grey Seal Pup Rescue - Bridlington

As our daughter Lucy had just reached the finishing line of a regional running competition, we received the message that two poorly seal pups had been reported in Filey and in Bridlington. We quickly clapped the winner and rushed home, grabbed the kennel and arrived to Bridlington beach 2 hrs later, while Dianne and Kath, two more Humber area volunteers, aimed for Filey.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the bay was beautiful. Whilst searching the beach, we received a report that the seal was dead. We continued to search and spotted a couple of people bent over an object in the distance. As we approached we were elated to see the back flippers wagging and found her looked after by a lady who had rang the Coast Guard earlier that morning. "Bridly" (as we called the pup) appeared a bit shivery, injured in one eye and looked slightly underweight. She reacted when approached but then calmed down and looked dozy. The lady had been there for a while mainly concerned by the many dogs that are walked on that beach and by the stillness of the pup.

We spent a few hours observing and assessing the pup and finally decided to take her to the Scarborough Sea life Centre as the beach was not a safe place to leave her. Joel successfully 'jumped' his first seal in front of a, by then, rather crowded public! The kennel was very handy indeed (thank you Alan) and the whole process was smooth and the pup was ok. At the Sealife Centre the pup from Filey was already being taken care of. Bridly appeared well, slighltly underweight and exhausted.. A weaned grey female pup of approx 4-6 weeks, fierce but very tired.. We rang the Centre on Monday and she is now doing well, eating fish and hopefully she will be released back to the wild shortly. Many thanks to all the members of the public who rang and cared for the pup while we were on our way. Thanks to the Sealife centre in Scarborough and to our daughter Lucy and her friend Stacy who were ready to celebrate Lucy's birthday at the cinema but found themselves wizzed off on a rescue, although they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Lucy is also proving a dab hand with the digital camera.

Freddie and Joel Taylor