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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-12-17 16:29:12

Pup Rescue - Sandend, Scotland

At 1400 I received a call from Mr Stuart Ingram (Member of Public) to advise me of a seal pup that had been lying on the beach, rather high and between some rocks. He described the pup as small (One and a half feet), thin and not in a pleasant state. I contacted the team and Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic) advised that she was available to help. We (Stacey and I) departed Peterhead at 1445 and headed off to Sandend. Mark Stevens (BDMLR On Call) was informed that we were on route to a seal.

On arrival we were met by my Ingram who had waited with the pup all afternoon and had also to chase away a few dogs that were hanging around within the vicinity of our pup. After a quick inspection of the pup and a full brief on the condition of the pup by Mr Ingram we took the temperature which was at 36.5 and had relatively bad case of the runs. The pup was small and thin so we decided that the best course of action was to uplift for relay to Grampian wildlife Trust in New Deer. The pup was uplifted, a pen was booked at GWT and the seal transported there for rehabilitation.

Thanks must go to Mr Stuart Ingram (MOP), Andy Ireland (Buchan Coordinator), Stacey Esson (Buchan Medic), Lawrence Brain (Grampian Wildlife Trust) and Mark Stevens (BDMLR On Call).

24th December - Seal has passed away during the night despite continual care and 'fattening up' at GWT.

Andy Ireland
Buchan Regional Coordinator