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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2006-12-17 16:30:35

Dead Whale washed up on East Yorkshire Beach

Received a call from Bev Drayton on Sunday morning to say she’d had a report of a large (approx 45ft) whale washed up at Spurn Point. Although in a state of decomposition it was agreed we’d send medics to take a look and fill in the relevant forms, make an ID etc. Apparently it had washed up the day before but BDMLR had not been contacted (we were having our Humber/North Yorkshire BDMLR meeting at the time so there’d have been plenty of us to attend!).

Both Joel Taylor and Adele Sheppard attended, and met up with Phil Young of the Environmental Agency and Andrew Gibson, Spurn Reserves Officer.

It was identified initially as a Fin whale but consensus changed to that of a Sei whale. A more definite ID will hopefully be made when the pictures arrive. Either way, it had been dead for some time and was to be removed shortly, with fear of it drifting into the fishing lanes.

Many thanks again to Joel and Freddie Taylor, and Adele Sheppard for attending.

Alan Stewart
Regional Coordinator - Humber
Acting Coordinator - North Yorkshire

Arrived at Spurn Point at 13:50 and spoke to Andrew Gibson, the warden. Met up with fellow medic, Joel Taylor, who had already taken many pictures (to be published shortly).

The whale was approximately 15-18 m in length and well decomposed with no visible skin on the jaw bones and fins. It was difficult to identify because of the advanced stages of decomposition but suspected a Sei whale although this could not be confirmed at this time.

The carcass was left on the beach at this time with the authorities deciding what to do with it.

Adele Sheppard
Marine Mammal Medic - Humber