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2006-12-14 16:33:30

South East Cornwall Coordinator gets to grips with seal pup

Around 10:30am, Medic Lesley Jarvis took a call from the National Seal Sanctuary to advise that a pup had been observed at Portwrinkle, Whitsand Bay. Lesley then contacted Cornwall Coordinator (and husband) Dave Jarvis who was meeting Sue Sayer (Cornwall Seal Group), Dr Ruth Leeney (Combined Universities in Cornwall) and two project students, Cheryl and James, regarding their forthcoming thesis work on marine mammals. Dave immediately contacted South East Cornwall Assistant Coordinator Darryl Thorpe, who proceeded to the site. En route, Dave and Lesley picked up Dan Jarvis to administer fluids to the pup.

Darryl located the pup and met up with the others as soon as they arrived to show them where it was. The pup was fully moulted and obviously in poor nutritional condition – estimated at 14kg. Darryl jumped the pup, which didn’t put up much resistance, so Dan could give the pup a health check. It was found to be a male with a temperature of 39.3C and a couple of minor bite wounds to the rear flippers. As the pup was dehydrated, Darryl and Dan tube fed the seal while Dave and Lesley contacted the Sanctuary and readied equipment to remove the pup from the beach.

The pup was expertly relocated by Darryl into the awaiting seal bag and carried back up to where the cars were parked to be transported by Dave and Lesley for rehabilitation.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall Coordinator