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2008-10-03 15:21:45

Second Isles of Scilly Pup Rescue

Rescued seal pupAt around 10.30 hrs Cornwall Area Co-ordinator, Dave Jarvis received a call from David McBride, who lives on the island of St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly, to report that a seal pup had been found at the high water line on Porthmellon Beach. Photographs of the animal had been taken and were soon e-mailed to the mainland, where Dave and Medic Dan Jarvis analysed the pictures and soon observed a pink umbilicus, indicating that the pup was probably only in its first couple of days of life. Back on the island a cordon had already been established around the animal & a group of volunteers, including Danny from the Wildlife Trust and Ann Horton maintained a watch over it. The animal was also examined by Veterinary Surgeon Heike, which was recorded by the BBC team from the 'Island Parish' television programme.

Meanwhile Dan, who is also a member of the Animal Care Team at the National Seal Sanctuary, had contacted his colleagues at work to identify the situation to them. It was decided that the animal had probably appeared at about high tide at 08.30 and that although the pup had not been born in the location and it was a public beach, that the mother be given every opportunity to locate her offspring. Contact was also made with Medic Gary Hawkins, who works for British International Helicopters in Penzance and arrangements made for the young pup to be brought to the mainland on the last but one flight back that day at 17.00 hrs. At around 15.00, there had been no sightings of the mother, so instructions were given to the pup to be uplifted and transported to the St Mary’s Heliport. At 17.20 the aircraft touched down in Penzance, the pup unloaded by the ground crew and delivered to Dave, Lesley and Dan Jarvis, together with the members of the Animal Care Team from Gweek. The pup was assessed, tube fed and transported to the Sanctuary for rehabilitation.

Dave Jarvis
Director and Cornwall Area Coordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue