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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2005-01-01 11:37:02

Seal Pup Incident - Clacton, Essex

I was called out to a grey seal pup at 08,00 this morning. The pup was on the most popular stretch of beach at Clacton and reported in by dog walkers. Two new medics Neil and Debbie Saban turned out to help me. On arrival we were greated by a crowd of onlookers, on first seeing the pup I could see nothing wrong except the stress caused by the crowd, so decided to catch up and hide in van which we did. We had a closer inspection and could find nothing wrong at all. I phoned Faye (Faye Archell - Essex Coordinator) and had a chat and we decided the best thing was to relocate the seal away from crowds. Thus we drove to the seal colony at Walton and released the pup. On release the pup sat on the sand for a few minutes then slipped into the water and swum off. Andy Rutson Edwards in the meantime had got his boat out and spent the next few hours watching the pups movements and reported it to be fine.

Leon Woodrow
Marine Mammal Medic


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