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2005-01-10 11:39:14

Seal Pup Call-out for Montrose Team

A local dog walker called SNH St Cyrus Reserve Manager Andy Turner, who in turn contacted Montrose volunteer Paul Horne notifying him of a seal pup apparently in [click for larger image] distress On The St Cyrus North sands. Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft arrived on scene at 16.00 hrs to join volunteers Sue and Paul Horne and Jim Wilkins who had continued observations on the pups condition. Meanwhile a seal pen was provisionally booked at Laurence Brains rehab facilities at New Deer and Fraserburgh Deputy Co-ordinator Andy Ireland placed on standby for a possible relay. The fully weaned grey pup named "Oscar" was of good body weight and good body condition, it was bright active and alert and had good colouring to the mouth and gums. Respiration fluctuated from 17bpm which was stress induced by the amount of activity finally settling at 12bpm. Although the eyes were bright, open and rounded, the team were concerned with the right eye which appeared to have what looked like a mild entropian on the lower eyelid with the skin being a deep purlpe colour. Local vets Robson & Partners and Laurence Brain both confirmed that it could be severe bruising caused by the rough seas and debris washed up which may have battered the pup or the onset of conjunctivitis or any other eye related injury. Both vets were of the opinion that the pup should be left in its location for the evening to rest and if it was still there in the morning uplifted and taken in for treatment - even though its body condition and weight were good. Elaine, Sue and Jim will see if the pup is in the same location tomorrow (11th) and if so uplift it and take it to Laurence via pup relay with Andy Ireland.

Thanks to The local dog walker, Gary and Wendy of "Woodston bothy", SNH Reserve Manager Andy Turner, Local vets Robson & Partners, Laurence Brain, and Fraserburgh Deputy Co-ordinator Andy Ireland.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

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